Awesome fire trucks

Awesome fire trucks

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Many of us do not give much thought to fire trucks until we really need one. Then we are happy to see them and all the enormous capabilities of different fire trucks. They give us peace of mind that we do not even recognize until needed. In the United States we are lucky to have so many available at a moments notice to help anyone out with a fire or rescue emergency.

It was 1841 when the first steam powered fire truck was tried out, with much skepticism by the fire fighters. They looked at it as dangerous and not as reliable as a horse drawn unit. For ten years they relied upon the steam powered invention. That is until 1911 when Mack became the first producer of gasoline powered fire engines.

In this day and age we typically have three different types of fire trucks. Each with its own unique qualities and abilities to assist the fire guys in most any situation they might be called to, whether it’s a fire or rescue situation. Some of the larger tanker trucks can carry up to 5,000 gallons of water for fires which are too far from a hydrant to run a hose from. The ladder trucks are equipped with extendable ladders which can reach up to very high locations to help Lantana Bat Removal rescue people or animals, or provide the fire fighters better accessibility to extinguish hard to reach fires.

The next time you find a fire truck go by, remind yourself how fortunate you are to have such competent machines available to help you at any time of day with your fire and rescue emergencies.

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