Get rid of Hickeys

Get rid of Hickeys

How did you get it? What happened? A hickey can cause you to be a source of ridicule, and each time a person gets one, he or she tries to hide it from prying eyes. But what if the bruise is clearly visible on your neck? Or face? It would prove to be quite tricky to conceal your face all day along. Of course you can wear a huge pair of sunglasses if you’ve got a black eye, but you can’t keep on wearing them all the time while you are working in your workplace, or just lazing around in your dwelling. The general trend of people is to hide a hickey, but if you don’t take action to remove it completely, it is likely to get noticed. So how can you get rid of a hickey?

What’s a hickey?

A hickey is a colloquial term refereeing to a bruise. From a medical viewpoint, when sufficient suction is applied to a certain area of skin, especially around the neck or the inside of the elbows, the regions of skin that are full of capillaries or small blood vessels, it causes the vessels to rupture, and as a result, blood starts oozing out of them in small quantities. The blood fluids get accumulated in the adjoining regions and cause a swelling, or edema, of the epidermis. The fluid does not have a vent to dispose of the collection from the entire body, and as a result the skin swells up. Quite frequently, the area of the skin around the bruise appears dark blue or even black if the oozing is intense. This is how a hickey is made.

Remedies for a hickey

The best option is to seek medical aid or go to a doctor. But you could also try a few simple, yet effective, remedies on your own.

• Rubbing alcohol onto the injured area

Douse the region around the bruised skin with enough quantities of rubbing alcohol. If the skin is broken, do not apply alcohol within the broken area, rather around it to prevent additional bruising from occurring or spreading. As soon as you have applied alcohol, do not further agitate the bruised areas by rubbing it even more. Just leave it, and forget about it. It is all you can do with rubbing alcohol.

This is the most recommended means of preventing a bruise from occurring, but it needs to be done immediately. Apply plenty of ice on the skin, and let the area become cold. The idea is to”West Park Wildlife Removal” up the blood flowing so that it becomes viscous and thick, and can’t flow freely around the bruised area.

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