Information about Bearded Dragons

Information about Bearded Dragons

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When it comes to these unique lizards, most don’t have any idea about the facts on bearded dragons at all. These awesome lizards are very popular now from the very young to the older owners. They are docile and enjoyable to watch.

Knowing just what type of reptile they are and what their natural surroundings is can make a big difference in their health and happiness.

Here are some common bearded dragon facts:

They enjoy basking under their lights or even better outside with natural sunlight

They love interacting with their human owners.

It is easy to care for them, once you understand them.

They are just plain fun to watch and interact with.

These lizards are exceptional in their own way, each has their own personality and features about them which makes them very fun to be around.

They want a long glass enclosure, so they can understand what is going on around them. They don’t like to be hidden away.

I’ve had beardies now for over five years and never have one of them bitten me without due cause. But normally they will puff up their bearded and turn black before each biting.

Bearded dragons are more bluffers than they are fighters. They will look and act mean, when in reality they’re very docile and quite. It’s always wise when approaching a beardie to be certain he/she knows you are there, do not ever just grab one, this will certainly scare them and they could bite at you.

From the wild beardies use the puffing of the beards to make themselves look much bigger and meaner than what they’re. This helps their predators feel intimated and not attack them.

They are natural hunters and enjoy hunting for their prey. This is why giving them such things as crickets is great. It retains their natural hunting skills up.

Knowing these bearded dragon facts can definitely help you have a much happier and healthier beardie for several years to come.

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