Unbelievable facts about the human body

Unbelievable facts about the human body

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Science teaches that the human body is composed of cells. These cells are called the building block where the human body is made. At adulthood, there are approximately 50 trillion of these cells in the body. These cells come together to form cells, which in turn combine to form organs. All these organs within the body function together as a system. Basically, it’s the cell that gives life to the human body.

Do you know that there are so many things about our human body that we are unaware of. These human body facts are amazing, shocking, unbelievable but very true. Most people are happy with just being alive and are unconcerned about some salient facts which may help to make their lives easier and keep them a lot more healthy.

Facts about the human stature

When you stand upright and stretch out your arms, the space between your left middle finger to the perfect middle finger is equal to your height. This fact is true for people who don’t have any deformity.

Facts about the human eyes

All babies have blue eyes. Irrespective of their ethnicity the eye color is same for all babies. Melanin and ultraviolet light are need for the eyes to show its true color.

Facts about the brain

The brain doesn’t sleep. At night when we sleep, the mind becomes active. Additionally, it has been discovered that instead of a good brain as most folks think, our brain is made up of 80 percent water. The brain also doesn’t feel pain; though it processes all signs, it does not share in the pain that the body feels.

Facts about Stimuli

It’s not possible to tickle oneself. If you doubt it, you can go ahead and give it a trial. However, the body reacts differently to different circumstances. It’s possible to abruptly posses the strength capable of lifting up a car, or run faster that a cheetah. All these are made possible by adrenaline.

Facts about the teeth

The human baby unlike other animals are not born to fend on their own immediately. They have to be nurtured and taken care of. Consequently, it is unusual for a baby to have teeth upon delivery. But, one in every two million babies are born with teeth. These teeth do not arise from any gene mutation and these babies are perfectly healthy.

Other Facts about the human body

The human stomach contains acid that’s capable of dissolving zinc, yet it does not dissolve the human stomach. This is because the walls of the human stomach are being continuously renewed continually.

The human body is composed of 70% water.

The smallest and the largest cells are located in the reproductive system. The smallest is the male sperm and the biggest is the female egg.

With the passing of each day, new facts about the human body are being discovered. These facts are all true, though a number of them seem unbelievable and unthinkable.

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